The field in early May 2011 (guarded by Oso)
The field (from the very back) in early July 2011.

The field, late August 2011.

Farmers Clemens & Jenny, and farmers-in-training Eve, Owen and Lily
The greenhouse in early May 2011
The greenhouse in mid September 2011
Watering before the irrigation system was installed.

Clearing land
Using the DustMizer
The Wee Barn
Encore mix
Evidence of deer bedding down in the buckwheat cover crop
Onions dressed for market
CSA distribution
Reuse, reduce, recycle!
Beans in 2011
Tomatoes before Irene
Tomatoes after Irene

The Front of the main Field 2012

 The new field that we spent so much time removing trees from. Nice set of broccoli coming in here.
 Chard coming in strong early in the summer of 2012.
               It's like it's the third year or something. Nice lettuce plantings summer of 2012.
                     We finally figured out how to grow beets. Big beets were had all the summer of 2012.
                                        Melissa in the Sunflowers she planted.
                                         Kelly finally on the other side of the camera.
                                        Our fair weather friend the newt.
                                           Chicken of the woods waiting to be asked in to dinner.
                                           Beans hanging to dry. 2012

The back of the field in 2012