Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Solstice Hill Farm - 7th Growing Season - 2016

Cooperstown Farmers Market, Fall 2015

Suchoke (Jerusalen Artichoke) planting, Spring 2016

Micro-Greens Mix, Spring 2016

6, 350 ft beds of Winter Squash! Spring 2016

Spring Lettuce and Scallions


Tedious Carrot Weeding

Honey Bee on Fava Bean Flower

Voorheesville Farmers Market

Log-Grown Shiitake Mushrooms

Cooperstown Farmers Market Display

Voorheesville Farmers Market

In the Husk Cherry Patch, Summer 2016

Our Volunteer Sunflower, 15-20 ft tall!

Red Peppers Galore! The heat was great for the pepper crop this year!

A few Husk Cherries!

Husk Cherry and Rainbow Cherry Tomato Dispaly

Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes

Chicken of the Woods Laid a Big Egg! Sept. 2016

Jessica Working the Voorheesville Farmers Market

Set-up time is always short in the height of the season!

Rachel is getting her weekly 2 lb ration of husk cherries during the season!

Oats and Clover Cover Crop, October 2016

Cauliflower! October 2016

Cooperstown Display, October 2016
Our first ever sweet potato harvest! October 2016

Sweet Potatoes!

The Beauty, October 2016

More Sweet Potatoes!

Proud Farmer and his Sweet Potatoes!

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