Saturday, February 1, 2014

New and Exciting

It's been a long time dear distant reader. Those of you in the CSA and at farmers market have heard of all the changes except for this most recent one. I, Clemens will be returning to Solstice Hill after a brief one year hiatus farming in Colombia county. It was an exciting year farming on a more....ahh, traditional piece of land.Very flat with easy access to a dug pond for irrigation and barns for washing in; Green Mead, as the southern hiatus was known, was not without it's perks. Like toasters to the Amish though, the flat land could not distract my love for my mountain.Despite the glib analogies I have real connection to this piece of property and look forward to growing the business here and stewarding the land.
 The ground at Solstice Hill was in cover crop for the past season and should be in excellent shape for 2014. Additionally all the great mineral additions that occurred and will occur will now be present in the veggies, if it's not in the soil it can't be in your food.
Lot's of great ideas for 2014 but we'll leave that for another time. Just a little update to say that Solstice Hill Farm is going for it's fifth season back in Dorloo. Hears to your health and hoping you can join us. 

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