Sunday, February 9, 2014

Its Official

       After some deliberation and encouragement from my very first CSA member Eileen Knott I have decided to keep the CSA going in Cobleskill. I hope to make a few changes such as having a box where you can swap for something you might prefer. Say you don't like beets, well there you go, take another bag of salad or some extra tomatoes (keep our fingers crossed on tomatoes). This will be in addition to the "box of bounty", aka extras that anyone is welcome to stock up on and perhaps freeze.
      The  season will run from June 3 unitl October 28 for a total of 22 weeks. That's a steel at the same 2011 circa price of 440. Everyone who signs up in February gets $ 20 off that, a free week. Shares come out to a 25 dollar market value.
      There are some good photos of sample shares under "join the CSA" tab but I would say that shares were on average 20% or so larger by 2013 (those old photos are from 2011). The idea is to feed a family of four or two adult veggie lovers for a week. We often get the concern that a share will be too big for one couple. Two ideas, one is to try to get your husband to eat more vegetables( in every joke there is an element of truth) and another is to split a share with a friend who might also not need so much. Some people give some away to  friends or family when they get to much.The shares fluctuate through the season and are only larger during the height of growing season, smaller in the spring and fall. 
Here's to healthy and bountiful 2014.

Contacts are listed on this site, please call with any questions.

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