Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Finally Here (sort of)

The moderate temperatures (it wasn't below 20 at night until last week) have allowed me to button the farm down for winter. Every little thing from the chaos of summer is picked up and tucked in. It was nice to have this time for firewood and projects before the drifts bury it all. The biggest accomplishment is by far the new road and recently cleared field. That means Solstice Hill will be doubling production for next year, four acres. Some bigger farms might think that "four acres" is a punch line but in our intensive multi-cropping (more than one crop on the same ground in a season) we can pull a lot out of a space like that. I shouldn't say doubling production. It's easy to look at that space, those extra acres, and think cash. We will need to put some of that land into cover crop to be sure we are caring for, not just mining, the land. 
 With the new ground I will be trying to get CSA members more corn and more peas. That seemed to be the main consensus from our surveys.
I will be putting out the call soon to let folks know it's time to join up for next season's CSA. Last year our first payment was in February. If you are new to Solstice Hill check out the "join the CSA!" page on the "home page" of the blog. I would say our lovely Kimberly did a great job of makeing all that clear.

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