Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Farm News for August 9th

Hi everyone, Kimberly here. It was great to see everyone who came to distribution today, and I hope everyone is enjoying the procedural change we made (where you pick out your own vegetables from the bins rather than having us choose for you)! If you have any comments, pro or con, we'd love to get your feedback!

Here's a picture of this week's share, which included 11 items including the first of our tomatoes. We had harvested basil as part of last week's share in the expectation that we would be able to give you tomatoes to go with it, but ended up with not enough to give everyone a pint so we had to scrap that plan. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that we have tons of green tomatoes that should be ripening in the next few weeks, so we should be able to give you generous amounts in the near future, including some Brandywines (an heirloom tomato with an excellent taste and often large enough when sliced to cover the entire hamburger bun).

Cilantro, radishes, carrots, corn, onions, cucumbers (green and lemon), tomatoes (slicing and cherry), summer squash (zucchini and pattypans), snap beans (green, purple, yellow and French), lettuce, peppers (green, purple and hot).

Those of you who arrived promptly today may have noticed that we were running just a wee bit behind schedule. Today Owen (Jenny's youngest child) discovered that one of our hens, who had been broody (i.e. sitting in the nestbox on eggs quite consistently,) had two chicks in the nestbox with her! While I was washing your onions, I kept hearing loud peeping, so I checked in the chicken coop and one of the chicks had fallen out and was much too small to make it back up to the nestbox, so while preparing for the CSA we were also trying to make an appropriate hutch for the hen and the youngsters to live in.

We're also happy to have made another small change in our workaday. We try to limit our use of plastics, but when it's impossible to avoid, we do try to re-use and recycle. So a couple of weeks ago we hung up a couple of ropes and found some clothespins so we can hang up the washed large plastic bags we use to transport things like bagged lettuce.

Land continues to be cleared for next year. Last week Clemens finished getting rid of the tree stumps using a stump grinder, and yesterday we were able to borrow a chisel plow from a farmer friend which will be used to pull up the roots (cultivating is near about impossible without removing them).

On a personal note, I enjoyed the Sunshine Fair and I saw my first tractor pull. We also took turns working at the Sharon Springs Against Hydrofracking booth there. Because gas drilling is an issue that worries us greatly because of its ramifiations on a basic necessity (clean water!) and agriculture, we encourage you to learn more about it and to contact your town and state government officials if you are against it.

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