Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farm Visit Invitation & Farm News for July 17th

Solstice Hill Farm CSA Farm Visit, Potluck & Movie
Sunday, July 24th
Rain or shine!
Arrive: 3pm
Tour: 4pm
Potluck: 5pm
Movie: 6pm
Directions and parking arrangements to follow.

We hope you will save the date, we'd love to have you see how your veggies are being grown, and to get a chance to mingle with you all (and for you to mingle with each other) at the potluck! The movie will probably be Gasland (watch the trailer here).

This was the share for last Tuesday, July 12th: kale, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, snap beans (two bundles: green beans, French green beans, and a few purple beans), sugar snap peas, summer squash (zucchini and yellow pattypan pictured here) and fingerling potatoes.

The potatoes were our first, and so far only, harvest of the potatoes. Clemens was very excited to dig them up and give them to you this week, but we're going to wait a couple of weeks before digging again to let them size up a bit more. The summer squash is beginning to come in strong; we hope you found the pattypan shape and color was a nice addition to the traditional green zucchini. Pattypans are a good shape for slicing and grilling, or even stuffing and baking. Here's a yummy looking (though defnitely not low calorie!) recipe for stuffing:

I haven't tried the above recipe, but I can report that we did try one of the Just Food Veggie Tip Sheet recipes, the one for stuffed chard, and I highly recommend it! Jenny used ricotta instead of the cottage cheese, but I imagine you could use any creamy/curdy cheese you have on hand, or even silken tofu. It reheats really well, too. We'll probably be giving you chard again soon, let us know if you try it out.

In other farm news, it's been a very dry and hot week, and so the sprinkler irrigation system was set up to water the newly direct seeded bean beds. The neighboring beds probably didn't mind getting a bit of water, too. We also added and moved some drip irrigation lines; we move the plastic drip lines when we're ready to till in an old bed so we can reuse rather than throw them out. The goal is to use as little plastic as possible. We also began using BioTelo, the biodegradable plastic mulch row cover film, instead of the traditional plastic mulch row cover film.

To wind this post up, I'd like to share a great story from member Eileen. A couple of weeks ago when we gave heads of lettuce (rather than the cut lettuce) her younger daughter was snacking on the leaves, going into the fridge and just taking some when she was hungry. One day when she came home from work, her daughter said to her, "The lettuce they gave us this week is really great, it tastes just like broccoli!"--turns out the head had been finished off, and the daughter had moved on to the cabbage without realizing it!

As always we welcome your questions, feedback and comments!
~ Kimberly


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