Sunday, June 12, 2011

Veggie Tip Sheets from Just Food

Last week I posted the Veggie Tip Sheets that were created by Just Food for a few share items we expected, and I was gratified that one member mentioned them, so I'm hoping others of you also looked them over and found them useful, too.

If you haven't looked at one yet, they include
- background information on the food
- storage tips
- nutritional information
- recipes (three each, most are fairly easy).

They can be printed out double sided on a single sheet, and you are welcome to share them with friends and relatives as long as Just Food is given credit for them.

However, I realized late last week that there were additional Veggie Tip Sheets that could have been posted after distribution, since we were able to include things like broccoli, chard and kale in the share in addition to the items we knew for sure would be ready when I posted the original blog entry.

So for convenience's sake, I'm going to list all the Veggie Tip Sheets now for items we are either growing or hope to grow, and you can always refer back to them in this post later in the season when they actually arrive in your basket. Please note that there are not tip sheets for everything growing at Solstice Hill Farm (like corn and onions), and that my listing an item here is not a guarantee that it will be in your bushel later this season.

Braising Greens
Peppers (bell)
Peppers (hot)
Snap beans
Summer squash (incl. zucchini)
Swiss chard
Winter squash

And if you have any interest in learning more about Just Food you can visit their website here.

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