Friday, February 11, 2011

A few photos

 The greenhouse early in the season. Well, sort of early. We actually planted this just before July 4th since we used it for all the transplants.
Jennies friend Sarah came to visit. One of those "someday" jobs is get a little dock work done.

 This totally captures the place. It's great to farm on top of a mountain, that bottom land thing is so overrated, heh, heh. You might also say you deal with the cards dealt and this place produced well for us our first season.

This is our little farm stand at market. Seems small but this doesn't show the truck load of veggies ready to reload. It does show all the variety we grew.

This is the greenhouse later in the season and of course these tomatoes all reached the roof. They also kept us picking up until thanksgiving. Wish I had some shots of the field but alas, not much time for snappin' in the season.

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