Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Solstice Hill Farm - 7th Growing Season - 2016

Cooperstown Farmers Market, Fall 2015

Suchoke (Jerusalen Artichoke) planting, Spring 2016

Micro-Greens Mix, Spring 2016

6, 350 ft beds of Winter Squash! Spring 2016

Spring Lettuce and Scallions


Tedious Carrot Weeding

Honey Bee on Fava Bean Flower

Voorheesville Farmers Market

Log-Grown Shiitake Mushrooms

Cooperstown Farmers Market Display

Voorheesville Farmers Market

In the Husk Cherry Patch, Summer 2016

Our Volunteer Sunflower, 15-20 ft tall!

Red Peppers Galore! The heat was great for the pepper crop this year!

A few Husk Cherries!

Husk Cherry and Rainbow Cherry Tomato Dispaly

Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes

Chicken of the Woods Laid a Big Egg! Sept. 2016

Jessica Working the Voorheesville Farmers Market

Set-up time is always short in the height of the season!

Rachel is getting her weekly 2 lb ration of husk cherries during the season!

Oats and Clover Cover Crop, October 2016

Cauliflower! October 2016

Cooperstown Display, October 2016
Our first ever sweet potato harvest! October 2016

Sweet Potatoes!

The Beauty, October 2016

More Sweet Potatoes!

Proud Farmer and his Sweet Potatoes!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Highlights from 2015

Brussles Sprouts in fall!

We took our apples to Sharon Orchards to have them pressed for cider.

Finally a great season of delicious!

Jessica at the Gloversville Farmers Market

Our market stand at the Cooperstown Farmers Market

Our market stand at the indoor Delmar Farmers Market
Beets in the greenhouse in early spring

Our team of interns for 2015: Shaun, Matt and Johnny

Sugar snap peas in the spring

The squash alter

Clemens now owns an additional 30 acres across the hedgerow from our main field. The view is quite amazing!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

What's in the works this winter?

As I'm writing this, this morning's temperature upon my waking was -7 degrees. BRRRRR....
While there's no actual "farming" going on this time of year, we are very busy making plans for the coming season.

Currently, Clemens is involved in writing a grant proposal that if awarded would allow us to implement new GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) requirements that will be mandatory for farms in the coming years. Some of the improvements would be a new, larger wash area, a walk in cooler (that he just purchased! and we'll be moving shortly!), a UV treatment system, and deer fencing. These improvements will increase efficiency on the farm, increase our output of vegetables, decrease damage of crops from deer, and increase quality of vegetables.

 Clemens is also about to purchase, with the help of a FSA loan, an additional 30 acres of beautiful farm land adjacent to the current land. This addition will double the acreage of the farm and also double the acreage in vegetable production.

Seeds will be ordered soon, if not today, after weeks of figuring out our needs for each vegetable crop and planning where everything will go in the fields. We've been entering all of this information in a new farming computer program that should help us with record keeping and organizing our daily tasks.

I, Jessica, have been working on getting all the paperwork for organic certification filled out. In the next few weeks we'll be getting all of that organized and sent in so that in the spring we can be inspected and certified (fingers crossed!). Since Clemens has always used organic methods of disease and pest control and we have no adjacent farms (and therefore don't have to worry about spray drift), getting certified by NOFA-NY should be no problem...just a lot of paperwork!

We've updated the Solstice Hill Farm logo (thanks Allen!!!) and are also updating our marketing materials for the CSA and making website and Facebook changes to reflect the new look.

I thought the picture of the shiitake mushrooms Clemens and crew grew this year would get you excited about the large amounts of them we are hoping to grow this year. In the coming weeks the logs will be cut from trees on the farm and we'll inoculate them with the mushroom spores. They are so tasty and such a treat to have as part of the bounty on the farm!

It's an exciting time to be involved with Solstice Hill Farm! Check out our vegetable CSA information and become a member this year!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Solstice Hill Welcomes Summer!

It's been one eventful spring! Now we have lots of veggies planted and looking beautiful.  Here are some photos to show what we have been up to...

Onions is patch looking strong as ever.

Mark is raising ducks on the property and helping us get it all done.

Beans, old and young.
Winter squash forming up all ready.

Swiss Chard patch with some new beds for fall on either side.
Newest member of SHF who attends all events, weeding , hoeing , seeding etc.

I have to say it looks like a really good winter squash year.
Greg in the winter squash.
lookin' and caught up.